Real Flowers from Sock Camp this time


Not that last Friday’s flower were fake!  But these flowers really ARE from Sock Camp, not just posted from Sock Camp.  Flowers on a shrub planted at the Inn at Port Ludlow.  This was the first morning.  And then it was cloudy and rainy until the last day.

But hey, that’s good knitting weather!

This is a mystery flower to me (which probably only means it’s not hardy here, that’s all — like so many things that don’t like -20 F temperatures!).  But they were beautiful and fragrant, too.


Just got back a few days ago, and it’s been crazy at work and home, and there are church obligations now too.

And tomorrow we leave for Chicago (after I work).

But I’m taking my laptop with me:  I hope to catch you up with more of Sock Camp (and the train ride) than flowers soon!

6 responses to “Real Flowers from Sock Camp this time

  1. The flowers are so pretty. Plants that don’t grow in our climate are so interesting. 😀 I know I found all the shrubs in Houston to look artificial when I first moved there.

  2. Isn’t that some kind of wisteria? They’re in bloom right now over here.

  3. You know, I have a shrub in my front yard (No. Calif.) that’s in the same family and produces white flowers, but all this time, I still don’t know the name.

    It sure was great knitting weather at camp!

  4. Pieris Japonica Valentine variety. Can’t wait for sock pics……

  5. Thanks Sylvia! All I could tell was Ericaceae… good to learn a new one.

    Lucky you!

  6. We always knew the flowers as Bleeding Hearts when I lived just south of Seattle as a kid. I used to get in trouble for picking the flowers and turning them inside out making little ballerinas.

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