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Eye Candy Friday on a Rainy Day

Far Away Eye Candy Friday

Part of the recent Blog Silence may be explained by the fact that this photo of mine, from 4 days ago, was taken 3898 miles (6273 km) from my house.  (Wow.  Did not realize that until I just looked it up.)

I have no idea what the above are, though I did know these below:

Heather.  (Rather wet.)

On a moor in South Devon, England.

More (moor?) to come…

May Showers….

Do at least lead to May (and June) flowers.

New lilacs

Late, but oh, so welcome.

Eye Candy Friday, Lawn Edition

From last week. Only a few days before, this was under 8 inches (yes) of snow.

Despite winter’s reluctance to leave, spring is here, apparently.

Promise of Spring Fulfilled Eye Candy Friday

I just returned from essentially two weeks away, in two very different parts of the country, where spring already was (Atlanta, and the Pacific Northwest).

To find that spring had crept in at home, in my absence.

A belated sight (it’s a late spring here), but so very welcome.

Almost Spring Eye Candy Friday

My front garden, two days ago.

I can’t even begin to tell you how welcome this sight is, this winter.

Flakey Eye Candy Friday

Yes, i’m thoroughly disenchanted with snow.

snowflake detail

But it still can be awfully beautiful sometimes. Even if it is now March.

snowflake close-up

(Snowflakes on my coat last weekend.)

Clearance Eye Candy Friday

Purchased on February 15, also known as Cheap Chocolate Day:


This secondhand rose is still the only color around.
But late next month, crocuses should be spotted outside. One can only hope.

I’ve been busy every weekend with music-and-daughter things. Some knitting as well. More to come!

Leafy Eye Candy Friday

With the recent weather (though we missed the worst of it up here, it’s still frigid now), it’s a good time to stay inside.  And knit.

And look at the sun shining on the plants I’m plant-sitting, and pretend spring is almost here.

Amaryllis Eye Candy Friday

Spring is two months away by the calendar. But, really, farther away than that, here in the Frozen North.  (March is our snowiest month.)

So after the holidays, I started watering these amaryllis bulbs.  With glorious results as of the last week.

Happy sigh.