Dogwood Days

I was gone almost all of last week, hence the blog blackout.  (And gone a long weekend before that.  I’ll catch up sometime in this lifetime!)

Here’s what I was seeing last week about this time:


Flowering dogwood, at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

A beautiful tree which is apparently not hardy up here.  But was in full bloom all over Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.


Not so beautiful was the woman on the other side of the camera, who had just spent 24 hours straight on a bus at the time that she got off and took these pictures.

Please to have my mental status examined if I ever volunteer to chaperone a busful of 5th graders on a cross-country bus trip again, eh?

But the dogwood was lovely!

6 responses to “Dogwood Days

  1. omg, the only thing worse than a cross-country bus trip (my knees have never recovered) is one in a bus full of fifth graders! You are a brave soul, indeed.

  2. Oh my goodness. Oh my. 😀 The dogwood is lovely. Now I know a hardy woman to call on for even the most challenging of tasks! 😀

  3. Dogwoods manage in NYC (and lower NYS) and even parts of Conneticut..

    If you have a protected micro climate (a corner 0f your yard that is protected by a wall or corner of a building, or… you might be able to get them to grow.

    the wood is fragile, and can break under a heavy load of snow, or snap in high winds.. and your tree might never get to be 20 foot or so tall, but always remain bush like (6 foot tall) but it might be worth a try…

  4. The dogwood is beautiful in bloom, isn’t it?
    You have my sympathies on the bus trip. We were in DC a couple weeks ago, and there were multitudes of busloads of kids there. The chaperones all looked like they could use a martini.

  5. One of the things I loved about central PA (I lived there for a year or two) was that at this time of year the hillsides are SO LOVELY. Dogwood and redbud in bloom… bits of white and pink lace across the hills. And then it becomes summer. Yuck!

  6. My hat is off to you! All I could ever manage was a half-hour bus ride with 5th graders. Glad you survived in one piece.

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