Back Home Saturday

And I didn’t even tell you I was gone.  (But I have been.  For the past week.)

Where?  Well, this is what I saw this morning.

And this.

And, for a little more of a clue as to where I was, I saw this on my morning walk as well.

Yes, we just returned from our annual week at Family Camp at YMCA Camp Olson, a wonderful magical week that the whole family looks forward to; even those of the teenage persuasion.

How magical?  See what else I saw on my morning walk?

It was very hard to leave.

5 responses to “Back Home Saturday

  1. Loved your photos, especially the eagle….how close were you really?

  2. What a great week!

  3. Wow! How awesome! Everything looks gorgeous.

  4. Tece asked how close I was to the eagle….
    I had my little pocket camera with me, which has a 7x zoom, so of course not as close as it looks, but on the other hand, it’s not a huge zoom! I was probably about 40 feet away. I was being very very quiet….

    He sat there for quite a while until another camper joined me, and the click of her camera led him to decide to fly away. It was a very cool moment.

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