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What a Difference A Week Makes

A week ago, palm trees.

Yesterday’s Saturday Sky:

At about 7 am, halfway to Altoona, Wisconsin.

Why Altoona?  you may ask.  Reasonably enough.

Well, The RockStar (teen daughter) had a show choir competition, and had just found out a couple days ago that she was going to be singing a vocal solo.  I didn’t think I could go up to hear her do it (I wasn’t sure if she was going to keep performing it in the show), but circumstances changed and I was able to.  

Without her knowing (the group had gone up the night before, for an early morning performance Saturday), I drove up with my father to see her and the show choir perform.

She did great.

This is her thing, sure enough.  Or one of them.  She’s very good at it!

Nor does she suffer from any excess of shyness . . . perhaps that comes across.

P.S.  If you didn’t know there was an Altoona, WI, you’re not alone.  It’s a small former railroad town outside Eau Claire, 1/10 the size of Altoona PA.  But now I can say I’ve been there!