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Since We’ve No Place To Go, Let It Snow!

Yep, ’tis the season. Here’s what greeted me when I left work yesterday.


When I went to college in Minneapolis and came home for Thanksgiving to my parents’ house in Wisconsin, there was always a blizzard going there or back, it seemed. This is just a dusting. However, it’s better than brown and gray.

Also in the parking lot, Helen’s tree.


This weather is what hand knits were made for!


When I got home, I just had to check out the view from the Hubble telescope.


Actually, this was just the Kinneared view out the car window (of my STOPPED car on a side street!) as I drove home. (Because I was being an Extra Good Blogger and had my camera with me.)

See the street sign to the End of the Universe?


We’re staying home this year since I’m working. (Luckily, despite my rather self-centered title, there’s not enough snow to hamper those who are traveling around here. And it’s all gone today anyway.)

Although of course I am thankful year-round, and try to remember it often, today (Thanksgiving in the United States) is a good time to take a step back and thoughtfully add up your blessings. I am always thankful for all my family; even more so in the light of yesterday’s post. [Hey, if you’re reading this — pass a hug onto a kid or a family member or both.] I am thankful for friends, for that easy flow of companionship, support and laughter back and forth. I am grateful for the blogosphere and this blog! And, boy, am I ever thankful for knitting!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it, and to the rest of you all too!

For Kaitlyn

A beautiful young dancer overdosed Monday.


I had been acquainted with Katie through dance for years, and got to know her better when we danced together in the Reedpipes dance of the Nutcracker Ballet a few years ago.   (You get to know someone’s personality pretty well when it’s just three dancers and the director in one dance studio for hours on end.)  She was so full of life and passion that I cannot conceive of her brightness no longer being with us.  Smart, willowy beautiful, genuinely concerned about other people; she lit up any room.  And any stage she was on.  She was a knitter — I helped her cast on a scarf one Nutcracker.

She was only 20.   She was just trying to make the pain go away.

Katie, we miss you.