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Hot Pink Eye Candy Friday

Certainly spring-like!  Bergenia, from my garden.

Poppy Eye Candy Friday

It’s so amazing to see flowers that I bought seeds for and planted in my garden years ago (and which didn’t necessarily do well), growing (literally) like weeds!

California poppies at the edge of Ludlow Bay, Washington.

First Flowers of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of Spring officially, here in the Northern hemisphere.  In a very rare coincidence, it was almost springlike weather here in Wisconsin (though not as balmy as it had been earlier in the week).  And almost unheard of, yesterday, the first day of spring, was the first day of bloom for my crocuses, which were under snow only a week or so ago!

These are a sight for color-deprived eyes, that is certain.   Welcome, spring!

First Rose of Winter?

I was asked a little while ago if I was still blogging.  Oops.  It’s never been this long!  Blame the Nutcracker Ballet (though I myself am no longer in it, still, having two daughters dancing 5 roles and one understudy role takes a lot of driving time, and volunteering is expected also), as well as the holidays and lots of work.

Well, in recompense, here’s a picture from exactly a month ago, but oh so far away in time and space and season, it seems.

I thought I had showed you the last rose of fall, but when out for a walk the weekend after Thanksgiving, I saw another rose in a neighbor’s yard (mine were indeed gone).

We’d had a warm spell after our October cold snap, and indeed all of this past November was mild and essentially snow-free.  Very odd.  While working in my garden, I had even found a confused daffodil trying to come up!  I think that’s what’s going on with the roses: you can see the lower rosebuds having encountered the hard frost of a month ago, but the top buds foolishly encouraged by the mild November air.

Now, of course, the roses are long gone, buried under a foot of snow and ice.  

How quickly we forget.

I have definitely some knitting to tell you about, and some Events (Nutcracker, for one), if I can catch up.  But for today:

Just roses.

Flower Salvage

I was at a local apple and pumpkin and cider stand recently, and they had a rack of sad-looking bedding plants greatly marked down; some perennials, some annuals.  Some had already clearly been affected by a hard frost.  I figured, for only a couple bucks, I’d take a chance on a yarrow with silvery foliage, and also something missing its tag that seems to be in the dianthus/carnation family.  When I got to the cash register, they threw them in for free!

The dianthus is inside, but the yarrow is outside since I thought I’d try to plant it next to our heated garage before the weather changed.  Or not; perhaps it will come inside too until the spring.  In the meantime, it’s an unexpected late fall bloom as I go in and out of our door.


This weekend’s weather is predicted to be unseasonably mild and even sunshiney one day.  Time to get out in the garden one last time!

Mystery Flower for Eye Candy Friday


I was in Madison, Wisconsin, for a meeting earlier this week. It was one of the last nice days of the fall, I suspect. At lunchtime, I went for a walk by Lake Mendota and found this flower which I’m not familiar with, which was still braving the end-of-October chilly weather.

Whatever it is, it’s lovely!  And very purple-pink.

Last Rose of the Year

Right before our 8 degrees below freezing night, a couple weeks ago.

Last Rose of Fall

Last Rose of Fall

Sigh.  It’s a long time before the earliest late March or early April bulbs bloom…

Painted Eye Candy


The Painted Daisies always make me think of early fall, though they’re supposed to be a midsummer flower, I read.  They’re almost done now and we’re finally just getting what I think of fall weather in the last week or two.

I asked my 11-year-old Gothlet to help me pick one of several Painted Daisy pics for the blog post, and she picked the most wild one, with daisy petals going every which way.   I should have known.  I was explaining ‘Dungeons and Dragons‘ to her the other day, and she immediately decided that if she were a character, she would either be ‘chaotic evil’ or ‘chaotic neutral’.  Probably the former….

So, here are your chaotic painted daisies for the day!  (I won’t speculate as to their alignment.)  Click if you want to see the details of how they are, as Lisa would remind me, ‘composite flowers’.

Raindrops on Roses Eye Candy Friday


A picture from a week and a half ago, in Washington DC.

Yes, I was in DC again for the second time this year, after not being there in 30 years.

Yes, it rained!

I’ll tell you all about it, but the recovery from swine flu at my house has me a little behind….

Dogwood Days

I was gone almost all of last week, hence the blog blackout.  (And gone a long weekend before that.  I’ll catch up sometime in this lifetime!)

Here’s what I was seeing last week about this time:


Flowering dogwood, at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

A beautiful tree which is apparently not hardy up here.  But was in full bloom all over Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.


Not so beautiful was the woman on the other side of the camera, who had just spent 24 hours straight on a bus at the time that she got off and took these pictures.

Please to have my mental status examined if I ever volunteer to chaperone a busful of 5th graders on a cross-country bus trip again, eh?

But the dogwood was lovely!