An American Institution

Nope, not my usual Eye Candy Friday.

A preview of tonight, with last week’s pictures: last week where I went to my first high school (American) football game in over thirty years.

But really?

I went to the game to see the BAND.  (Doesn’t everybody?)

In particular, there was a bass drummer I was anxious to see strut her stuff.  The smallest bass drummer, in fact.

She was FIERCE.  Drumline rules!

Last week was hot and muggy, and the mosquitoes came out for the halftime show, too. Tonight should be perfect football marching band weather, cool and clear.  No rain, no snow.

It’s early in the season, as school had just started last week, but here’s two of their pieces as recorded last week, the first one featuring the percussion section, and the second one showing their drill (the marching).  Chuck Mangione FTW!

4 responses to “An American Institution

  1. Brings back memories! I went to many a football game and parade to watch my daughter play the….you guessed it….bass drum.

  2. Chuck! Brings back memories. Awesome drumline. Love how they go from shortest to tallest. LOL.

  3. did you knit ??? Love your images. the drummer rocks!
    came to you from DRT V blog list

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