My Trip In Bags

Once before, I showed you My Trip In T-Shirts.

While I’m preparing my Devon post (hint: lots of photos), here’s a quick synopsis of my trip to England (except I have no bags from Devon!  Silly me.)

(Click to embiggen for detail if desired.) You’ve already heard about Knit Nation and Bingo (center front and center back).  More info to come!

Edited to add:

Oops, forgot a couple!  I love the Tate bag…

OK, the second one is plastic, but it’s very cool!

3 responses to “My Trip In Bags

  1. A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man, as Jedediah Springfield was wont to say! Nice bag collection!

  2. Why do I not collect bags on trips? Such a good idea.

    Oh, now I remember. I have a gazillion bags already (even after donating at least that many to Salvation Army) and besides, I collect coffee mugs on trips.

  3. The mugs are coming (you’ll hear more about that); of course, one of them is for Ken’s wife, and two are from Knit Nation, but still! I used to buy souvenir earrings. Now I try for souvenir yarn, if feasible….

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