Snowflakes that stick…

to your nose and eyelashes, and your daffodils and your hair, and your car….


Yes, another weather post. My next post was going to be about Sock Camp and its prelude, but instead Mother Nature got a wild hair and dumped this on us yesterday.

April 19th. Give me a break. Please!

And….sadly, last night I and my two daughters had tickets to go see Elton John, right here in our home town. But the concert was cancelled due to the weather (as were many other events around town; in the afternoon, when his plane would have been landing and some would have been traveling, the snow was coming down thick and fast).

Boo! As some of my friends said, better a concert cancellation than that La Crosse become Elton John’s Clear Lake….

If there is a bright side to all this (besides the fact, which I am somewhat unwilling to admit, that it was pretty and will go away fairly quickly), it is that the snow allowed the RockStar to wear her new mittens again!

(Not actually taken yesterday but during a previous spring snow!)

Yes, I finally finished the Winter of Peace and Love mittens. Technically after the first day of spring. Though you can see how well THAT worked out.

The RockStar approves.


5 responses to “Snowflakes that stick…

  1. Great mittens, and a darned shame that they are still needed this late into April!!! We have really been cheated on this Spring this year.

  2. Sorry you had to miss Elton John! Your daughter is turning into such a beautiful young lady. Can’t say I’m sorry not to be there for the snow though! I’m really jealous about Sock Camp.

  3. Sorry about the concert.

    The gloves are beautiful. Great work.

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  5. Michelle Gralish (you know, your cousin- LOL)

    Hey cuz! Great mittens! Just a hint, Christmas is 6 months away (my bday is 3 mos)- just kiddin (sort of)

    I love Elton I saw him with Billy Joel a few years ago.

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