Winter Weather, Fall Shawl, Dreaming of Spring

Though it’s snowing again, and though spring by the calendar will be here in less than a month(HA!), I recently finished a small shawl that evokes autumn.  Majorly.

I haven’t showed you this shawl yet.  I’ve knit it in stolen time here and there.  It’s a quick knit, but I waited until after the holidays to start it, and have been knitting the Peace and Love mittens and other projects also.

The backstory is that I received some amazing yarn from Meg at Twisted Fiber Art as the last shipment in the fall Survey Club.  It was a completely luscious merino/cashmere/nylon (MCN) blend in a worsted weight, dyed in a club colorway called Maple that sang to me.

Madrona shawl in the snow

The colorway starts out with fresh leafy green, shades through rich golds and deep oranges, then through all shades of reds to end with an almost-black. Fittingly, it’s called “Maple”.

I found out later that the colorway was inspired by some color comments I made on the club survey. No wonder I love this colorway SO much!

I pondered the perfect project. The yardage wasn’t enough for many shawl projects. But I didn’t want to make a scarf. And it was generous for a typical cowl.

to the rescue!

On Ravelry, I could search by yardage and yarn weight and project type, among other parameters. I narrowed down hundreds of patterns to one: a lovely little shawl by Orianna Eklund called the Madrona Shawl (Ravelry link; the pattern is only available on Ravelry). The weight and yardage were close to what I needed, anyway.

I ended up modifying the pattern slightly by extending the second leaf lace section by a half repeat, to make sure I used all my yarn, given the gorgeous color changes (I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the amazing dark red!). To good effect. Here is the final result!

Maple Madrona Shawl

It’s lovely, hanging, laying out, with the sun shining through it, any way you look at it.

Maple Madrona Shawl full view

Maple Madrona, sun shining through

Maple Madrona Shawl in the corner

And it feels AMAZING on. Mmm, MCN.

Maple Madrona Modeled

It may be autumnal in color, but I think I’ll be wearing this well into the spring!

5 responses to “Winter Weather, Fall Shawl, Dreaming of Spring

  1. I always love what you make with Meg’s yarns. Lovely shawl and gorgeous colours. Could almost be a summer sunset!

  2. Gah! Just GORGEOUS!

  3. What a perfect thing to make with those long, gradual color changes–an absolutely super match of yarn to project!

  4. Lovely colors, beautiful shawl. Lately I’ve wanted to get some fiber dyed in transition colors, then spin and knit a shawl. The pattern you found is great and really shows off the color changes well. Speaking of Madrona, I went for a day and had a great time. I remembered how we stood at the Goth Socks booth and chatted with Stephanie and could have had our pick of yarns. This year all her self-striping yarn was gone an hour after the market opened on the first day!

  5. Liz in Missouri, USA

    I think the shawl is gorgeous! Your are such an inspiration – now I know what to do with some beautiful merino/silk I’ve been saving! Not enough for a sweater but this shawl looks perfect. I lovelovelove the maple leaf colors.

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