Gothlet Warmth and Appreciation Month

So, I have a younger daughter, as you know, nicknamed the Gothlet in these electronic pages.

She recently received a cool cream, blue and brown crocheted scarf from one of the nice ladies at church (given to the confirmands). She was very appreciative (she crochets as well as knits, and knows the time that goes into such a gift).

Shortly thereafter, I received some lovely squooshy Dream in Color Groovy (chunky) yarn from The Loopy Ewe (part of DiC’s montly ‘club’ with exclusive colors, through yarn shops).  The colorway is called “Alpine Flurry” and is … cream, blue and brown, though a bit paler than the crocheted scarf.  (See it here on Sheri from The Loopy Ewe’s blog post.) Still, I thought there was a chance that the Gothlet might wear this very soft yarn, as a hat. She’d outgrown most of her hats, both by reason of size and taste.  So I asked her about the pattern included with the hat, “Pigtail” (Ravelry link), and got what seemed to be approval.

The hat knitted up in a flash, and do you know what?

I think she likes it!

At least, she wouldn’t take it off for some time.  And declined to let me block it. Claiming it didn’t need it…

I didn’t put the tassel on the top that the pattern called for, as the wearer nixed that.  Otherwise, no modifications.  Easy and fun.

Gothlet needs a little fun — poor thing just got braces on, right as I finished the hat.  (It’s a miracle I got her to laugh for this picture.)

I didn’t think her teeth were THAT bad, but oh, my, when you hear it all written out from the orthodontist, it sounds like the most horrible jaw ever, combined with a dash of child neglect.  Eep!  I know it’s not all that, but Gothlet does have about two years before she can look forward to a brace-free smile:

like this one of two short weeks ago.

(As you can see, the RockStar’s not the only one in show choir.  The Gothlet is in 8th grade, and in middle school show choir; non-competitive, thank heavens.)

Hopefully she’ll still remember to smile the way she did the other weekend!  She was awesome.

Performing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.  One of my favorites.

4 responses to “Gothlet Warmth and Appreciation Month

  1. earflap hats rock. Especially when it’s -kabillionty degrees…….

  2. She looks like you in that last photo. Nice hat!

  3. Very cute hat!

    I sympathize with the braces, having just gotten a horrible torture device known as the “power chain” on Tuesday – basically a 4-way connected band that’s supposed to pull my 4 top front teeth back together. Ouch!

  4. She’ll be so happy with her straight teeth at the end of this, though… I hope she remembers to say ‘Thank you’ for, like, the next thirty years!

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