With a Little Help from my Friend…

…. my Aestlight Shawl is done!

My little end of yarn  went farther than I thought, as you heard, with a modified knitted-on edging. But not quite far enough.

Tuesday, I received a second skein of this lovely, lovely silver-threaded yarn from Astrid’s etsy shop, so I could bind off at last.

I blocked it last night, to the accompaniment of some lovely jazz. My helper visible in the picture there

had to be shut in the bathroom at the time because she would not be dissuaded from sitting on the wet shawl, biting my wooden yardstick, and eyeing the blocking pins speculatively.

However, this morning her partner in crime was helping with the shawl blocking, just to make sure there was the proper feline assistance.

After shooing off the ‘help’, I unpinned the shawl and tried it on.

It’s everything I hoped!

I am very, very happy.

I love the pattern (Aestlight), and I love the yarn (Silver Sheep from Damselfly Yarns, in colorway Prospero’s Sea), and I love them together.

Life is good!

6 responses to “With a Little Help from my Friend…

  1. Oh, so beautiful! The blocking really opened it up. Since you’ve got a lot of yarn left over, how about creating some Aestlight Mitts? 🙂

  2. Beautiful, and beautiful in your new banner, too!

  3. A lovely shawl and beautifully knit, as always. It’s so nice to have helpers.

  4. Gorgeous! Love the color and the helpers 😉

  5. How did you do the alternate border? I HATE the pointy edging on the original pattern. That was why I did not do it originally. How was your edging done?

    Barb R.

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