Daily Archives: January 17, 2011

Wonder of Wonders

Astrid asked yesterday about whether I was going to rip out the edging of my shawl-in-progress (again) or not, given that the yarn was running out. Well, I psychologically couldn’t stand to do it again after already doing it twice — unless I clearly had to.  Plus, I really liked this edging that I unvented, as it turned out.  (If anyone finds it in a book, by the way, I’d be fascinated to know.)  So I decided to keep knitting until I ran out of yarn, as I knew I would.  If I were lucky and got close to the end of the edging, and the new yarn was not too different despite being a hand-dyed work of art, maybe I could sneak it in without it being glaringly obvious, since the yarn is variegated and since the edging is in sections.   I could even pull out the yarn  that matched the best, from the new skein that’s coming.

Well, would you look at this?  Sometimes stubborn optimism (or denial) is rewarded!

Here’s how much yarn is left after finishing the edging: less than two yards, looks like.

Now, I still do need the yarn that is on its way to the rescue.  If you look hard, you can see that the original stitches are on waste yarn as a provisional cast-on.  The final step is to knit across and bind off the stitches, and I don’t have enough yarn for that, definitely.  However, visually the new yarn won’t clash used in that way (and I will have a whole new skein of lovely yarn, too…).  So it will all work out very well!  The yarn would have arrived today, except for the Federal holiday.  Ah, well, it’s not a work holiday for me, so I’ll be busy today and can wait a bit anyway. Very soon, though, Aestlight will be cast off, blocked and done!

Bonus view of the sparkles:

Which reminds me…

Astrid also asked about what the RockStar is singing in the pictures I posted last weekend.  Since show choir will be taking up a good part of my life, I saved some details to share with you later; but it seems somehow fitting, with the sparkles above, to share that the first song the ensemble sings is ‘City Lights’, as sung by Liza Minnelli. (YouTube link)

I love those City Lights! The color of city sights, that shine under City Lights tinting the skies…