Daily Archives: December 10, 2010

Eye-ce Candy Friday (again)

It snowed again since I posted last, and today it got up around the freezing (or melting, depending on your perspective) mark with sun, so some of that snow melted off the dark roofs.  But it was still around freezing, with beautiful results.

(Click to see bigger.)

A lowly weed, now rivaling any crystal chandelier or necklace.

Though you have to get close to see the beauty.

Close enough to get your camera and yourself sprayed with dripping water, and to fall on your rear in backing hastily away from a cold ricochet in the face and subsequently getting tangled up in your coat.

In other news, the sick Rat is almost all better, enough to attend part of the last dress rehearsal and to perform today. I’ll get to see her and her big sister dance tomorrow. Pictures to follow!