First Snow

Yes, we had those flurries before….but yesterday, Saturday morning, I awoke to the first real snow of the season.

The Saturday sky started out cloudy, as it continued to snow in the morning, and then gradually cleared up as we dug out.

I had snow on my lap inside the house, too.

No, no roof emergency, nor open windows.

This snow.

My older daughter, The RockStar, is in the corps de ballet in the Snow scene in the Nutcracker ballet this year.  (Yes, ’tis Nutcracker time again.  The performance is next weekend.) She volunteered me  — when I was not there — to sew her Snow tutu.  I needed to hem the bodice and sew it to the skirt, then fit the bodice to her and sew alternating hooks and eyes.  I haven’t really sewn since middle school, and my teenager doesn’t sew at all, more than sewing ribbons and elastics on her ballet shoes.

Mom?  I’m  sorry about that Madrigal singers dress with the train that I volunteered you to hem in high school.

Really sorry.

4 responses to “First Snow

  1. I don’t remember that particular project for which I was volunteered. There’s an advantage to memory loss. That looks like a major project that you have undertaken. Your girls will appreciate it – in about 30 years.

    • I’m glad the incident has faded from memory! It was a big hem, on a long dress with fur-trimmed floor-length sleeves. I do think you gently pointed out that there was a lot of hem, which either hadn’t struck me, or I hadn’t seen the dress then. Yes, I expect karma will have its way. As it has.

  2. Oh, so jealous of the snow! It doesn’t even look like December here . . .

  3. Could be worse — she could have volunteered you to do ALL the Snow tutus.

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