Late Fall Eye Candy Sunset

I promised you the spectacular sight that met my eyes when I turned around, on my walk through the marsh Sunday night.  As I faced east to the bluffs, there were just pink clouds floating.  But when I looked back over my left shoulder to the west, where the sun was already down (and I had already seen and photographed this sky,

and thought the sunset show was about over):

The sky suddenly lit up.

And by the moment, started to blaze with more and more intensity.

About a quarter mile north of this spot is the La Crosse River. (In between are some singularly unphotogenic power lines and poles.)  I ran.

And was rewarded.

(Click to embiggen if you wish.)

My fingers were going numb from the icy wind (and no gloves), but I felt as though I were in the heart of a fire.


and then it was gone.

5 responses to “Late Fall Eye Candy Sunset

  1. You captured all the great colors of a spectacular sunset. I love the way the world looks at the “blue hour”.

  2. Truly spectacular!! Good running. ; )

  3. don’t you wish the clouds and sky were roving, that you could pluck as it gets tangled in the tree tops? don’t you want to spin clouds and sky, and wrap yourself in them? soft and fluff and light as air, but as warm as sunny day?

  4. Freezing, but “… in the heart of a fire.” Ooooooo! Vivid!

  5. Beautiful! sorry about your uncle…

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