Autumn Leaves, finished

“Autumn Leaves” being my name for my version of the lovely “22 Leaves Shawlette“. (Ravelry link)

Though the leaves here are also about finished for the autumn.

Yesterday’s Saturday Sky sunset.

I did indeed block the “Autumn Leaves” shawl last Tuesday. Then took the shawl off the blocking pads Wednesday. It took a bit longer to photograph the shawl on its own, given Thanksgiving preparations, and even longer to track my shawl model down at the same time that the sun was shining.

But here, for your knit-viewing pleasure, the finished shawl at long last.

It was pretty nippy out. I appreciate my model! (Note, she does work for chocolate.)

A detail of one of the 22 leaves, plus the edging I adapted.

The shawl was delivered to its recipient tonight. She seemed to like it!  I am pleased enough with how it turned out, and with knitting it, that I am considering knitting it again: for myself. And I rarely knit lace projects more than once, Girasole being the only other exception I can think of, right off the bat.  So that is very much a compliment and testimonial to the pattern.


Oh, and thanks to Judith who was kind enough to wish me a happy birthday yesterday — which was indeed my birthday! I spent it largely knitting and relaxing at home during the day, which was amazing (and rarely happens), and then dinner with my daughters and husband. Today, much of the day was also spent knitting, relaxing, eating brunch with my extended family, and visiting friends (for fun and to deliver presents) — so the birthday celebration went on! Such a deal!

From tonight’s walk on the wild side in the wetlands:

I took a walk expecting to see some November-ish scenes, like this

or this. (As I obviously did.)

Even though the sun wasn’t warm any more, I felt lucky to see some sunset gold, here

and here

and fading pinks here over the bluff.

Moments after that last picture, though, I turned around to see something amazing. But…I’m going to save it for next Eye Candy Friday. This post is quite long enough, and stunning pictures are few and far between in late November!

5 responses to “Autumn Leaves, finished

  1. I don’t spin–but sometimes, i see an evening sky, and think–I wish the sky and clouds were a batt of yarn.. How pretty the colors mix and fade…

    your eye candy would be some lovely yarns.

  2. Happy birthday! The shawl turned out beautifully.

  3. The shawl recipient seemed to like it? SEEMED to like it? Someone who gets a shawl that gorgeous should throw themselves to the floor with gratitude, at the very least.

    • Astrid, your comment made me laugh! Well, it’s like this, you see: the recipient had no idea it was coming and isn’t necessarily a shawl wearer, so I was taking a chance; I made it as a ‘prayer shawl’, albeit a very fancy one, because she just lost her mother, who by all accounts was a very special person. I was pretty sure she’d like the color, knowing what she usually wears, but wasn’t sure about the shawl part! So, for being caught totally off guard, and by a gift of sympathy at that, she seemed reasonably thrilled….

      Now if I gave something like this to my knitting BFF, I’d guess that she’d shriek or faint, except she’s Norwegian-heritage and reserved, so would never do either of those! But she would do some Scandinavian equivalent, I expect.

  4. Ah, well, that makes sense. What a lovely and generous gift of sympathy.

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