Olympian Knitting

Well, I finished one of my two Knitting Olympics challenge projects.  But not the second.  I have been delaying posting, hoping I could show you the second project completed also, even though not by the closing ceremony.  (Also, I have been recovering from a virus which has now been going on 2 1/2 weeks….though who’s counting?)  However, Olympic project #2 is still not done, so I will show you what’s what now, and eventually….eventually there will be a Finished Object.

I hoped to complete a Simple Knitted Bodice for my teen daughter, the RockStar, and there was the rub.  This top-down sweater requires frequent trying on to fit nicely (and the teen won’t wear it if it doesn’t fit well)….and my talented and busy daughter is rarely home in the evenings when I was home, knitting and watching the Olympics.  So I would get her to do a fitting, knit a little more….and then have to wait again.

It’s fitting well, and great progress was made, but it is still in need of sleeves and a neckline.  RockStar likes it so far, though.

This is being knit from elann.com Callista yarn, a viscose rayon/cotton/linen blend which is knitting up very nicely, and is washable (a must).  It seems to not be on elann’s site right now, though I bought it not long ago (good thing I bought plenty).  The lace band is knit from elann.com Luna.  I am working on the sleeves, and RockStar only wants 3/4 length sleeves, so it shouldn’t take too much longer….

When I couldn’t knit on the sweater due to lack of fit model, I knit a small shawl: and this I did finish during the Olympics.  I knit Wendy Johnson‘s Miss Woodhouse Shawlette, from delightful Bugga! merino/cashmere/nylon blend yarn, in Canada Darner colorway (a blend of dark greens).  I was very happy with the yarn, the pattern, the shawl!

(The RockStar graciously modeling the shawl, though she did ask if we could please not do it in the FRONT yard.)

All in all: a shawl and 2/3 of a sweater: not too bad for one (very exciting to watch) Olympics!  I am pleased, even if no gold medal for me this time around.  Plus: great curling to watch!  What more could one knitter ask for?

2 responses to “Olympian Knitting

  1. Very prolific! That sweater is going to look so great on her once you finish it! Good job mom. 😉

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