Casting-On Ceremony

Some might consider it the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics tonight.  Fair enough.

But all that pageant, pomp and circumstance is also in honor of my casting on my 2010 Knitting Olympics project!  Naturally.

(My personal emblem.  The rings of a knitter!)

My Olympics project will be attempting the Simple Knitted Bodice sweater for the Rock Star (my teen daughter). It’s not a hard sweater.   (Not nearly as much of a project as Girasole, by the way: and thanks so much for all the nice comments!  You guys are the best!) It’s just that the last adult sweater I made took me over a year…. and the Olympics are for seventeen days.

But onward and upward! Citius, Altius, Fortius!

One response to “Casting-On Ceremony

  1. I have wanted to make that sweater since the pattern came out. I even have the yarn for it!

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