Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

O Girasole Mio!

Yes!  It is finito!  After the edging that seemed to go on forever.

Girasole is a lovely pattern, and the Malabrigo Sock yarn in Ochre was a good fit, I think.

I had neither a daughter-model handy, nor a photographer available, so I enlisted the services of another model, who graciously acceded.

Mrs. Helga did a wonderful job.

Helga models Girasole

Helga models Girasole

Even bronze statues get cold

Even bronze statues get cold

I think she might have liked it.

Though this is a pattern that doesn’t need as much blocking as some, definitely the edging needs it.  What a difference a couple hours on my knees, and 214 or so points pinned out (but who’s counting?), makes!



This first Sunflower was just given to my mother.  I likely would have saved it to give to her at the holidays, but she’s recovering from another foot surgery and could use it now, at home.  A little bit of Sun(flower) for her lap or her shoulders, I hope.