Painted Eye Candy


The Painted Daisies always make me think of early fall, though they’re supposed to be a midsummer flower, I read.  They’re almost done now and we’re finally just getting what I think of fall weather in the last week or two.

I asked my 11-year-old Gothlet to help me pick one of several Painted Daisy pics for the blog post, and she picked the most wild one, with daisy petals going every which way.   I should have known.  I was explaining ‘Dungeons and Dragons‘ to her the other day, and she immediately decided that if she were a character, she would either be ‘chaotic evil’ or ‘chaotic neutral’.  Probably the former….

So, here are your chaotic painted daisies for the day!  (I won’t speculate as to their alignment.)  Click if you want to see the details of how they are, as Lisa would remind me, ‘composite flowers’.

2 responses to “Painted Eye Candy

  1. Would I really? Probably… They’re awfully pretty regardless. And I like how their ray flowers (petals) going in all directions are kind of crazy like gangly spider legs.

  2. Chaotic Evil sounds… interesting. Pretty flowers!

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