Daily Archives: October 6, 2009

Rainy Day Artwork

Thanks for all the nice comments about the autumn morning sun photo I posted last Friday!  It was one of those moments that was almost magical, the way the sun shone through the dewy grass seedheads.  I tried hard to capture it….I’m sure my neighbors were wondering about me, as I laid down in the middle of the back yard dew to take the picture, when I should have been on my way to work.  But I wasn’t sure the photo did the moment justice.  Apparently you saw something of what I saw, though.  I’m glad!


Here’s the opposite, today.  I showed you a rainy day dusk as an aside last Saturday.  It didn’t even look that nice in real life, mostly just grey.  

But look now.

It’s much prettier after I Photoshopped it as colored pencil art and without the power lines!

(Click if you’d like to see it bigger.)


Definitely prettier as art.  The fall rain pattern is currently in effect….

I’m ready for a few October blue sky days now!