Daily Archives: August 5, 2009


…and the livin’ is busy, apparently.  (Hey!  That’s not how the song goes!)

Sorry to worry those who were concerned about my whereabouts!  Just working a lot, traveling some, a little bit of illness at the house, nothing too remarkable.  But not much blogging (I am very behind on reading blogs too).

I even missed taking a Saturday Sky picture one weekend!  (Gasp.)  Granted, I worked, but I did see the sky at one point.

But here’s a quick synopsis of Saturday Skies so as to catch you up on the last month. (Oops.  A month. Wow.)

This past weekend, I worked, but it was a lovely summer weekend; not hot enough for my kids, but I liked it.  We could use rain, but still, one has to enjoy wonderful summer days when they come and when one can.


Above is the sunset lighting up my front yard Japanese maple.  It glows like an ember when the light shines through it.  So beautiful.  It’s a slightly hardier cultivar that has survived our past winter with -22 degree F temps, which I found at a local nursery: Acer palmatum “Emperor”, by Monrovia.  It is  slower growing in these conditions and won’t get big, but it’s done very well in its west-facing (as you can see) location.

Last week we were among very different trees and skies:


Can you see the ‘different’ trees?  How about now?


Yes, there are no palm trees in Wisconsin.

I and my daughters were enjoying 95 degree F heat and high humidity plus daily scattered thunderstorms in Orlando, Florida, where I had a meeting and the girls were tagging along to swim at the hotel pool (and go to Disney) while our husband and father was on a church trip to equally hot and humid New Orleans (granted, he was working harder than we were).

While in Florida, we also visited New York,


San Francisco,



and Nepal.


(We get around.)

Before that, in July, I worked…and forgot to take a photo one Saturday.

Another Saturday, it was apparently a nice day.


I think I worked.

And that brings us back to the last day I posted, the Fourth of July!


Here’s another picture from that evening: the Mississippi River at sunset, with boats awaiting the start of the Independence Day fireworks.  (Which were great.)

There has been knitting, of course.  I’ve been plugging away on my Monkey Kaw Kaw socks monkeys-on-my-car (here before I turned the heels, the which is now done), and I finished a project I’ve been working on for two years, but there is an entire tale attached to it, so that will await another post.  I finished another pair of socks after the DC trip, with my favorite Twisted yarn.


(Playful yarn base, Scorched colorway, my own design, though there are similar ones around, I have found now.)

I knit a scarf all over Walt Disney World, shortly to be finished, and a baby hat was started while I had a root canal a couple weeks ago, and the hat finished two days later.  (It was my stress relief in The Chair.)  I am no doubt forgetting things, due to lack of blog maintenance….though I haven’t been keeping up as well on Ravelry either.  More knitting to come!


This coming weekend, we leave for our annual Family Camp vacation.  So I won’t be suddenly catching up on blogging then, needless to say.  But I’ll try hard to pop in before we leave.  Fear not!  I’m back!