Oasis Eye Candy Friday

Not in the sense of desert, but in the sense of a place of calm, of sadly needed respite.


This was one of the areas tucked away around the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.  We really wanted to stop at this museum, which is the newest national museum, but time did not allow, as we were walking quickly to an appointment with our Representative which had been arranged as part of the National History Day events.  But we walked through the National Mall side of the grounds, which were amazing.  This pond was tucked back by one of the markers for the cardinal directions (the building is aligned with the cardinal directions and also with the Capitol building).  And despite our time constraint, we all three paused for a moment here and just looked, and breathed, and listened, and were.


It was raining, but we didn’t mind.



Click the thumbnails below to see the interesting architecture and landscaping in more detail, and here to read more about it.

American-Indian-Museum-long American-Indian-Museum

I hope to go back and visit next time  —  and eat!  When we walked by and saw that it had a café, we wished we’d eaten there that day, too; the café serves “Native foods and contemporary cuisine with a Native American twist”.  Undoubtedly better than our Mall hot dogs in the rain, under siege by birds and a squirrel!



2 responses to “Oasis Eye Candy Friday

  1. NMAI is really neat, and the cafe is yummy! It’s possible to tell time and date by the passage of rainbows on the inside of the lobby.


  2. I heard an NPR story about the cafe a while back. Sounded very, very interesting!

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