Daily Archives: March 31, 2009

Flowers from Sock Camp

Last week, I went from a week at work where it seemed that every day only got busier and busier, directly to the train station to take the Empire Builder train to BMFA Sock Camp, where I just arrived today.  There was no internet access on the train, so this is my first chance to catch up.  Thus, I have a number of color studies still in my camera and locked in my home computer.  Sigh.  

Well, I essentially did a color study last year for a reason unrelated to color (one of my posts for the ABC-Along).  And since these colors are pretty much non-existent in nature back home this time of year (though they do exist here in the Pacific Northwest!),  I can’t take these photographs right now.

So I present to you with the aid of a blast from the past:  Bright and light colors!

The Colors of Flowers.


All these are flower photographs I took from flowers in my own garden, within the last two years.  My garden is somewhat random, not planned around much of anything other than easy care, frankly.  And blooming time: I try to have something blooming most of the time during the all-too-brief Midwestern growing season.  So it is interesting to me that so many of the flowers are warm colors: yellows, oranges, pinks.  Because when I pick out yarn, or clothes, these are not necessarily the colors I’m drawn to at all, other than red, which I do like very much in anything.

But this collage still makes me very happy inside, just to look at it.  

Especially in March of the winter that wouldn’t end!