Daily Archives: March 22, 2009

As seen on Cookie’s blog….

OK: so when will I learn not to say the fateful word, “tomorrow”?

Because I did not get my Saturday Skies together to post today, as I promised you yesterday in the “First Green” post, what with church and laundry and a little work and this and that.

But, as a penance, here’s a little fun; found on Cookie’s blog.  Could be true; I’m not saying.  (I will say that this will surprise people who don’t know me well, but maybe not those that do.  Hmm.)

I’m also not saying when the Sky Study post will be up.  Could be a day that follows today, but that remains to be seen…




You Are “alt”

Some people might find you to be strange, mysterious, and even a bit off putting.         

You tend to be drawn to and influenced by alternative lifestyles. You’re definitely not normal.


Once people get to know you, they realize you’re interesting, intriguing, and very intelligent.

You have a lot of knowledge stored in that big brain of yours. Most of it is useless knowledge, but some of it is very useful.