Sky Eye Candy Friday

Last Saturday’s Sky, on the way to Minneapolis.


Southern Minnesota farm at sunset, not too far from where I live.  The glaciers made it here during the last Ice Age, whereas they didn’t reach to La Crosse.  Hence the Great Plains essentially start here, as opposed to the bluffs and coulees and ridges of my home.  Certainly gives the sunset lots of room.

Venus is up in the sky in its Evening Star persona.

5 responses to “Sky Eye Candy Friday

  1. I see that transition – from where the glaciers of old went through to where they just didn’t – every morning. The sunrise this morning was truly a thing of beauty – all soft, glowy red coming through just the slightest haze of early morning fog. These are the mornings when I think I could never live in town and miss those daily doses of serenity.

  2. I am particularly fond of what *they* call your unglaciated region: the driftless area. It conjures up all kinds of images and ideas in my brain…

  3. Lovely sunset! The plains almost require me to flip a mental switch after Wisconsin terrain. I worked in Morris, MN in the winter for a week. The winds have plenty of time to pick up speed. 😀

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