Last Monkey Knitter?

Well, OK, perhaps I’m not the last knitter in the world to knit Cookie A‘s Monkey socks.  But I feel like I’ve got to be right up there.


Last year, this yarn was dyed for BMFA Sock Campers: the theme last year was Camp Crow’s Foot, and the colorway is called “Kaw Kaw”.  Available to all now!  (And, by the way, Sock Camp may still has a couple spots open — they did a couple weeks ago.  Anyone want to join me, Tina, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Cat Bordhi and JC Briar for a guaranteed awesome time at Port Ludlow, Washington?, at the end of this month?

Some brilliant camper (wish I could remember who) came up with the idea of knitting Monkey socks out of this Socks That Rock lightweight.  Which, of course, makes them “Monkey Kaw Kaw” socks.  Heh.

And you thought the elevated tone of this blog was above potty humor.

I’m on the fifth of six leg pattern repeats; the pattern is easy to memorize, and it goes fast.  Since knitting two socks on two circs with my last project WAS an effective treatment for my old bugaboo, Second Sock Syndrome,  I’m trying it again.  I’m getting better at managing the two yarn ends to avoid Gordian knots!  And it prevents gauge changes or pattern changes from one sock to the next, which I have been known to do.  Not infrequently.

I started these just over a week ago, and have also been working on the Gothlet Gauntlets and one other project that I have yet to photograph (just started 5 days ago), so I’m pleased at my progress.  Especially as when I’m done — I’m done!  No second sock to do!  And, though it’s random and not anything I can take credit for, I do love how this yarn is striping in this pattern.  It reminds me of barred feathers, somehow.

BTW:  These were photographed on my car hood while waiting to do a daughter dance pick up.

Talk about multi-tasking.  Or about being overly busy….maybe?  Hmmm.

8 responses to “Last Monkey Knitter?

  1. Good looking socks – the car hood idea is great, except mine is white 😉 I promise that you’re not the last to knit these socks!

  2. They do look great! I am sure there is a person some where that is only discovering the pattern and think to themselves… “I must be the last person to cast on for these….” 😉

  3. Another convert to the two socks on two needle method!

    My sister just started Monkey’s and I am just finishing both our first pairs. Where are you going at the end of the month?

  4. OMG! I’m WEARING those today! We are sock sisters!!!!


  5. I haven’t knit a pair of Monkeys yet, either. But it may never happen — lacy stuff and I do not mix.

    Your car hood made a great background!

  6. I have this wound into a ball for monkeys, even started them last July and had to rip out. Haven’t gone back to them yet.

  7. (I have not made these…). The car hood worked out great, the socks look like they’re floating on water or something. Sounds like you’re going to have a great time !!

  8. I agree about the barred feather look of that yarn in the Monkey pattern — very nice! (I have yet to knit Monkeys myself. Actually thinking of Bayerische (sp?).)

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