Daily Archives: March 8, 2009

Silly Robins

Silly Robins.  I could have told you that it’s not spring yet.


I hope your feet aren’t too cold; all your perches are solid ice right now.


It’s a good thing that there aren’t too many buds out yet, because the rain that froze that preceded the snow is a lot worse for budding plants than snow itself is.


Although I had to go places today (and get up outrageously early to do so, let alone it being a Sunday), it’s a very good day to stay home and knit.  (Though I chose to go one place — a book club a friend is starting — and, of course, I knit there.)

Here are my current knitting bag choices:

A pair of fingerless gloves for a coworker with a significant birthday (she has horses and big dogs, so I think she’ll find fingerless mitts practical; they are, of course, superwash wool).


More Twisted yarn in the Valkyrie colorway, Playful yarn base (high twist, heavy fingering weight or light sport weight superwash merino wool yarn).  I’m trying (again) the two socks (okay, mitts) at a time thing.  I’ve done it before, and drove myself crazy with yarn tangling.  I started out this pair of mitts with Magic Looping, but just don’t care for that technique as much.  So I went to two socks on two circs mid-project.  Has its own pros and cons, but it’s a bit faster for me.  Since this picture was taken this morning, I’ve knit almost to the ribbing of the hand after increasing then dividing off the thumb gusset stitches (on waste yarn right now, waiting to be picked up).

The Gothlet Gauntlets from Rainy Days, Wooly Dogs.


These are being made for my younger daughter, the Gothlet, and tomorrow I’ll tell you more about how I’m designing them (I’m a little proud about it, but you can’t see what I’m proud about in the picture).  Isn’t the yarn great?

Third, I’ve started a pair of Cookie A socks, Thelonious.  This is for a Ravelry Knitalong (KAL).  The preliminary progress picture is awful, so I think I’ll wait to show and tell you more until I’m a little further along.

I hope you all had some knitting time today (and that your weather was more spring-like!).