Spring Tease Saturday

The robins all suddenly appeared today.



Saturday Sky with Robin on Roof.


They all decided at once that it was time to join their foolish, if hardy, robin buddies who spent the winter up North (and what a winter to decide to do that, hmm?).

There was another sign of spring, if I looked closely:


Buds on the neighbor’s lilac bushes!

No crocuses yet, and no other buds that I can really see.

A sullenly cold and cloudy day, that started out below freezing


ended with a lovely sunset.



I’m just putting my fingers in my ears and pretending I didn’t hear the forecast for 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow.  Lalalalala!

3 responses to “Spring Tease Saturday

  1. We got a bit more snow last night too. Crazy! I really hope it warms up before camp.

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  3. We got some snow too. I say maybe 3 inches. But the sun is shining now and it’s warming up some. However the creek did overflow and we have a pond in the backyard.Isn’t living in Wisconsin just grand.!!

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