Ephemeral Eye(ce) Candy Friday

Here at dawn yesterday as I walked to work.  (Click to embiggen if you like.)


Gone by the 50-degree-F afternoon.

Maybe spring is coming, after all.

6 responses to “Ephemeral Eye(ce) Candy Friday

  1. Great picture! We haven’t had 50 yet, but supposedly it’ll be at least 40’s this weekend… so with piles of snow in my yard that are at least 6 feet high, and snow everywhere at least 2 feet (except where it’s piled up), it will be messy! Welcome to mud season I guess.

  2. Amazing photo – love it!

  3. daisysmomknits

    Lovely picture! Our snow is mostly gone although it’s still stupid cold at night.

  4. Lovely! Isn’t nature a great designer? 😀

  5. what a great picture!

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