Can’t take pictures of what’s not there

1)  No heat in the dryer. And no round and round action, either. As I predicted, it stopped working again (since it started working for no apparent reason for the repairman).  Happened last night at 11:30 pm.  It was working fine earlier in the day.  You know: the daytime.  When the laundromat was open.   And when my parents were awake and their dryer was therefore potentially available for use.

So the Gothlet (aka the Germophobe who hates re-wearing clothes that have touched her body in any way, shape or form) has no clean (or at least unworn) pants this morning and we have a load of wet jeans in the non-working dryer.  (Mental wager with myself: how long will it take the husband to call the repairman, and how long will it take them to come?)

2) Hard to take meaningful pictures of a furnace that’s not working.  (I suppose I could have taken pictures of the thermostat.)  Now I know some people set their thermostats to low 50s on purpose.  We don’t.  So it was quite a shock to wake up to that ambient temperature this morning.  The old gas furnace pilot light/boiler apparently went out yesterday pm sometime.  Because it’s hot water radiator heat, it cooled down slowly; it was a bit chilly at bedtime, but I thought it was just because it was windy outside (when the wind blows from a certain direction, it finds its way into our 1891 house). 

There were tiny pawprints around the pilot light; the kitten had gotten in the basement last night.  She’s been in a playful mood.  My husband really thinks she did it.

3)  I forgot another knitting project has been completed.  My father’s second Christmas sock made great headway in Madrona and en route, and I grafted the toe shortly after returning.  So now he has a pair.  But I forgot to take pictures before giving him the pair.

So just imagine two of these….


4 responses to “Can’t take pictures of what’s not there

  1. Hm. Things always break in threes at my house. Beware!

    Nice sock – bet dad is glad to have two!!

  2. I hope you are warmer now!

    I was thinking, oh, just hang the pants to dry, but that’s sure hard to do when there’s no heat!

    Congrats on the gothlet’s communion.

    And what a great swap package you got!

  3. Ouch. Hope things warm up soon — and the Gothlet gets to wear germ-free pants!.

  4. I just read your response to the Yarn Harlot and had to laugh my gluteus maximus off – trying faith healing on your appliances – I am down 1 tv, 2dvd players , 1 clothes dryer, cordless tv headset, the freezer is leaking (but it is 8 F out), my mixer is making a strange noise ,a deer hit the car , and the dishwasher repair guy comes sometime tomorrow.

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