Tacoma Eye Candy Friday


Mount Rainier from the air at dawn, upon saying ‘so long’ to Madrona and preparing to re-enter reality.

(Click for the big picture, if you like, to see it as I saw it.)


The window seat can be an otherworldly place.  Thanks be for blogging, or I might not have had my camera right there and handy.

5 responses to “Tacoma Eye Candy Friday

  1. In all the traveling I did to Sea/Tac I only saw Rainer once. What a sight!

  2. Even though I live here, every time I see the mountain I’m amazed. I often think It looks like someone painted on the horizon.

  3. Gorgeous! The first one reminds me of the Japanese wood block prints of Mt. Fuji.

  4. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the mountain from the air. Spectacular! As are you 🙂

  5. Wondrous! I was without innerwebs for a few days (me? chewing on the sofa? why do you ask?) but have caught up. You know – while your knitting is very nice indeed, you have a powerful fine skill when it comes to daughters. Those are some VERY first-rate ladies (of course….having only met you once, I can still say: “they have your….face”!)

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