We’re in the big leagues now

Thanks for all the Gothlet birthday wishes!  I’ll make sure she sees them.  Madrona post(s) coming very soon, when the work backlog lets me get my head above water, but I had to share this in the meantime.

From a Charter Communications story about the recent semi-conversion to digital TV (on the Gothlet birthday, as a matter of fact):

“The most populous places where many or all major-network stations are cutting analog this week include San Diego and Santa Barbara, Calif.; La Crosse and Madison, Wis.; Rockford and Peoria, Ill.; Sioux City, Iowa; Waco, Texas; Macon, Ga.; Scranton, Pa.; Rhode Island and Vermont.”

Glad to know we’re up there with San Diego… Waco… Peoria… and the state of Vermont!  What an interestingly varied list that is, to be a part of.

Yes, we are all digital here in this populous place.  Explains why my father had his upper body wedged in the kitchen cupboard corner, installing a converter box for their little kitchen radio/TV, when I went over to their house to dry an emergency load of Gothlet jeans Tuesday night. 

(A propos of which:  my husband finally arranged repair services, who came and fixed the oven yesterday, assisted by the Beya-kitten (fortunately, the repairman was a cat guy).  The dryer?  Worked when they tried it, dang it.  Supposedly repair guy and husband tested all sorts of things while they were about it.  What about no heat, no tumbling and weird burning smell for me?  Makes me nervous.  Because,  since nothing was fixed,  it WILL happen again.  At the worst possible time.)

Ain’t technology grand?

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