Daily Archives: February 13, 2009

Knitting, Can’t Come To Blog….

I’m at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat right now.

I was going to try to pick out a Friday picture, but guess what?  Didn’t pack the camera cable or a card reader!  So all will have to wait to be revealed until I get back Monday.

Or, realistically, sometime after Monday when I get caught up.  And hopefully some laundry done.  (Just got off the phone with the spousal unit.  Someone still hasn’t called to get the dryer fixed.  Guess who does the laundry at home, hmm?)

This morning, I had a great class with Sally Melville called “Knit to Flatter and Fit”.  The material presented is to be covered in one chapter of her shortly-to-come-out book, “Mother-Daughter Knits” (mid-March, I think, was the publication date).  The homework was onerous.  No swatches here:  the assignment was to take a full-length picture of yourself in undergarments (plus, at most, a leotard etc.), print it at 8×10 size, trace your silhouette, photocopy the tracing to 1:8 scale (so that 1/8 inch = 1 inch in real life).

Then we learned a lot about what’s flattering, what’s not so much (think a much nicer and less New York fashionista ‘What Not To Wear’) in principle, then we measured each other (I found out I am definitely short waisted, which you’d think I would have known, but not so much), then we played paper dolls.  We cut out various sweater shapes and lengths and tried them on our silhouettes along with various bottoms.  

I think there are certain things in my wardrobe that are going bye-bye when I get home (my husband will be pleased).  A universal principle seemed to be that bulky and long and straight is not particularly flattering on anyone.

Anyway, tomorrow I take a class from Nancy Bush: “Overture to Estonian Lace”.  Then, on Sunday, Elsebeth Lavold will teach me how to make my cables turn corners and do other tricks.  Then I leave predawn Monday to return to where there is no green (sigh).

Yes.  There is green grass here.  I know it keeps snowing, but there is GREEN GRASS.  And SHRUBBERY.  I walked outside without a coat today and yesterday!

I think I needed this.

I’ll tell you about all the wonderful knitters I’ve been spending time with when I get back and can show you their pictures.  (I’ll also add in links when I can.)  Got to go meet up with a wonderful knitter now… Wish you were here!