Daily Archives: February 11, 2009


Gothlet quote of the day:

Donuts: Not just for breakfast any more!

And who can argue with that?

This was breakfast time yesterday as I got to work, not as gray as the day before, over the parking lot:


Late in the afternoon, the high temperature was a record-tying 51.  Fortunately, yesterday’s steady rain stopped.  Rain in February is not a good thing here: the ground’s frozen and it has nowhere to go.  There was some minor flooding, plus now it will be ice-rink-slick in areas.  The good news: most of the mounds of snow are gone.  My Pacific Northwest friends tell me the snow is over there instead!  Strange….

I missed the near-record warmth, working late to get things tidied up so I can leave tomorrow in good conscience.  Here’s the sunset over the parking lot on the OTHER side of the building I work in.


And I left in the full dark, a few hours later. Sigh.   Gotta pay for your fun — on both ends — I think.

Maybe I’ll go have a donut.