February Thaw

At dawn, it was already above freezing.  Wow.


I had to go to work.

But there was a beautiful blue Saturday Sky reflected in an actual puddle in the parking lot.


(Liquid water!!  Outside!!)

When I got done with work, I drove the Gothlet to dance (when I work, I miss my ballet class, but oh, well).  More water in the no-longer-solid state, with Saturday Sky and a flag.


The dance studio is near the airport.  Airplane in the Saturday Sky:


When I came home, I finally could take the Shetland Seas Shawl off the blocking mat.  Except that someone was already there.


“Gosh, I’m tired.  It’s been a long day of eating and napping.”



Full reveal tomorrow, when Beya gets off her nap mat!

3 responses to “February Thaw

  1. Liquid water in the wild! Wow! It is not common here yet, although there has been enough melting on the roof and dripping that it is dangerous to walk to the car. But that’s okay, I’ll live with it. Someday our spring will come.

  2. liquid water! We’re expecting some of that here this week… supposed to be above 32 most of the week. We (meaning dh) got a lot of snow off the roof today! The shawl looks georgeous, even w/ the mini reveal!

  3. So lustrous! — the shawl, I mean. I can almost feel it with my eyes.

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