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Knitters’ Eye Candy Friday

And Eye Candy for Crocheters and Dyers and all Fiberistas!

The Shetland Seas Shawl is mid-castoff and should be done and blocking tonight.  So in the meantime, until I can show you finished pictures:

Take a look at this! (and it IS easy on the eyes, methinks)


What is this lovely jewel rainbow yarn, out sunbathing in the balmy January sun?

Well, take a look at THIS to find out more.


(Click to embiggen if you need to.)

Yes, it’s true.  I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or pleased, but I have, um, achieved a place as one of the “Loopy Legends II”.

What’s a Loopy Legend, you ask?

In the words of Sheri, who IS The Loopy Ewe, a Loopy Legend is one of The Loopy Ewe’s top customers.  As you may know, TLE is a truly awesome online yarn store, specializing in incredible sock yarns, especially indie dyers, but also carrying some lace weight yarn, some worsted (including every Cascade 220 color), some roving, and some cool accessories.

As you can tell, I DO think TLE is a fantastic place.  Not purely because of the yarn (though the yarn is amazing, and prices are competitive, along with superfast and careful packing and shipping, free (priority mail) shipping over a certain dollar amount, and store credits you can amass over time).  But the overall customer service is absolutely unparalleled, I think.  Sheri is so genuine and honest and personable, and that shines through in every aspect of her business.

If you are not already familiar with The Loopy Ewe, I would strongly encourage you to check them out. And I’m not saying this because TLE dyed a colorway of yarn for me!  I’m saying this because TLE is such an awesome place that I shop there all the time, which is why (rumor has it), they dyed a colorway of yarn just for me!  (Well, anyone can buy it; but it’s named after me!  And dyed in my favorite colors!)


By the way, the incredible dyeing creation is the work of Angelina of Zen String, custom for The Loopy Ewe.  I was asked for a few of my favorite colors, that she could select from in designing a colorway, and gave my usual answer: jewel tones.

Jewel tones indeed: I think they’re all there.  Sapphire, emerald, topaz, garnet (I prefer garnets to rubies), amethyst — maybe spinel at the end?  A semi-precious rainbow, and just amazingly my colors.

I was sent my own personal skein.  (Isn’t it wrapped up purty?)


When they went on sale several weeks ago, though, I purchased two more: one to knit (because I don’t want to knit this first one, I just want to keep looking at it!) and one for a future surprise.  Something to do with a blogiversary  later this spring….

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy it quite yet if you love it as much as I do.  This colorway sold out in less than a day.  (I promise, it wasn’t all me buying it up, there was some left when I was done.)  But I’m sure there will be more at some point! 

And if you like indie dyers, such as bellamoden, Sanguine Gryphon, Numma Numma, Tempted, Perfect Day Yarns, Perchance to Knit, YoYo, Enchanted Knoll Yarn, Yarn Pirate, or many more  — TLE is your Indie Headquarters. Go!  See!  

Besides, any yarn from the TLE comes with a Loopy Treat! Kisses this time of year, see them in the picture?  Peppermints in the warm weather when the kisses might melt.  SWEET!

One last look at the Hither and Yarn yarn; Beya the cat had just checked it out.  She approves.  Though the color shows up better outdoors (the first photo is completely unaltered as far as colors); the flash makes this look a little brighter than it is; it’s saturated but not bright-bright IRL.


OK, I admit it, she’s more interested in the tissue paper!  At least until I start knitting with the yarn, then I’ll have her full attention.  Unfortunately, not because of the gorgeous colors, though.   Sigh.