On the Edge of the Blue Lagoon

(Lagoon being the colorway name.  No, I didn’t see the movie “The Blue Lagoon“, but I certainly remember all the hype about it.  The shawl is innocently seductive in its own way, but otherwise has little in common with the movie, I’m thinking!)

I’m in the middle of the edging chart, and last night made my decision about These.


Beads are not part of the original design (not being a big Authentic Shetland knitting feature, as you might guess).  But I thought they would complement the lustrous merino/bamboo yarn and beautiful blue edge and ‘sea’ theme.

My local bead shop has stopped carrying almost all 6-0 seed beads (the usual size appropriate for fingering weight yarn) except for a few beads aimed at kids.  So I usually buy them online these days.  When Mystery Stole 3 came out, one of the recommendations for bead purchases in the MS3 Yahoo group, was an eBay seller who has an eBay store, Emilia Beadelia’s Bead Shop.  If you find yourself needing additional bead resources beyond what you can find locally, I would recommend this seller without hesitation.  I’ve bought from her multiple times  since then, and her selection of high quality beads at good prices is fantastic, shipping is reasonable and fast, and service is great.

Only problem is too many to choose from!

So, above, actually two are too small, though I could get them on (I had a brain fart and ordered 8-0 first, which is more a laceweight bead).  The real choice was between the larger (6-0) icier blue or the blue-green (copper-lined) bead.  (Both of these have a frosted finish that reminds me of beach glass.  I had also gotten beads that are shiny, but I liked this finish a lot.)  The bluer blue is the obvious match to the yarn at the end of the skein; but I ended up choosing the greener blue because I felt it harmonized all the colors of the shawl a bit.


(The color of both these pics is a little dubious; they were taken under indoor light without flash, since flash completely washes out this lustrous yarn.)

A few Ravelry projects of Shetland Triangle have used ad hoc beads, but none in the way I’m going to, that I saw.  I’m going to use the designer Evelyn Clark’s own method as described in her book “Knitting Lace Triangles” (well, a slight adaptation of it) to nestle 3 beads in each point.  That’s the plan, anyway!

We’ll see if I get to beads today (which would be the row before casting off) — it’s quite possible.  There is this thing called work which comes first, however….

6 responses to “On the Edge of the Blue Lagoon

  1. Very pretty beads – they’ll look great with the yarn!

  2. …holy smokes! that’s beeeeautiful….

  3. Yep. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Oh, that’s going to be sooo pretty! You’re bringing it Out West, yes, so I can see it?


  5. work ? what is this ‘work’ you speak of…doesn’t sound good whatever it is….

  6. Looking good. I totally approve your bead color choice. Are you making extra pattern repeats of the body portion or just sticking with the pattern?

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