The (Blue) End Is In Sight

I’m on the last row of my Shetland Seas Shawl before the edging, as I type this.



I didn’t dare stretch it out too much, being afraid of losing stitches, but here’s a Little Big Picture.


That wasn’t the only thing I was afraid of.  Look what was lurking.  Sigh.


Knitting — and knit photography — used to be a little easier around here!

5 responses to “The (Blue) End Is In Sight

  1. So, so pretty. Love the way the colors blend.

  2. That is just stunning! I love it!

  3. …so beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. Stunning. Darned attack cats – they’re everywhere!

  5. Breathtaking! In fact….intriguing – to the point that it might be worth trying! (This is me, mistress of the Interminable Garter Stitch, mind.) And black kitties are *lares* — household protectors. Look at those innocent eyes………{snerk}

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