Luscious Lace Yarn Eye Candy Friday

Not my usual Eye Candy, but I think knitters and others may appreciate it.

This incredibly dreamy yarn, which arrived a week ago in the mail, has been intermittently seducing me away from some of my other projects:

Yes, surprise, it’s Twisted: a newer dyeing ‘invention’ of Meg’s called Evolutions, which is a very gradual color shift from beginning to end of one skein.  I’ve been trying for another Evolution skein (besides the Buxom that came with the Big Needle Club) for a couple updates now, and got lucky this time.  This is in the Lagoon colorway, which is fairly new (and which I love), and in the Kabam! base, a smooth, soft, lustrous merino/bamboo/nylon fingering weight yarn.  I’ve knit Kabam for socks and baby garments, but never for lace, and wow, is it wonderful in how it catches the light!  Especially in the Fir Cone stitch pattern used in the Shetland Triangle Shawl (Ravelry link, or here’s Wendy’s) (from the book, “Wrap Style“. 

Which is exactly what this is.

Though the sinuous swells here, especially in this colorway, remind me of shells or ripples rather than cones.  Along with the colorway being called Lagoon, that’s why I’m calling this my Shetland Seas Shawl (at least for now).

I deliberately chose to knit this lace at not too overly airy a gauge, because I wanted the emphasis to be on the stockinette swirls rather than the ‘holes’; and also because, with the nature of the yarn, I’ll be knitting to the end of the skein, thus a fair number more repeats than the original pattern called for, I’m sure — so wanted a shawl that was not gigantor.  One can always block a bit  (or a fair amount) bigger, but not smaller!  I was astounded at how easy this particular lace pattern is to knit; it’s almost (but not completely) mindless knitting (which is one reason it’s getting knit on; my two projects requiring chart knitting are languishing, because that kind of protected, mindful knitting time just hasn’t happened for, um, months….) Normally, then, I would have been a little bored by now, with the simple repetitive stitch pattern, given that I’m knitting it bigger than written (I’d be two rows away from the edging if I were knitting it as written).  But the very gradual color change is keeping me quite engaged knitting, just to see it continue to progress! Right now, I’ve progressed from the original pale muted green to a rich medium green which is just starting to darken further.

Tomorrow, plans are for a road trip with knitting friends to a city I haven’t visited since I was 18, and a yarn shop that I’ve never been to!  Driving time should be shared, so I expect to make some progress.  I wonder if I could be starting to knit blue waves soon?

4 responses to “Luscious Lace Yarn Eye Candy Friday

  1. That is indeed beautiful stuff.

  2. That yarn (and the knitting!) is indeed beautiful. By the way, I ripped out my Wollmeise Swallowtail the other day (too many technical difficulties) and now that skein is getting made into……you guessed it…..a Shetland Triangle. Do we wear them to Madrona to recognize each other?

  3. So beautiful!!! How exciting, a new yarn shop! And, OMG, what a great night with Bobby McFerrin. I agree, we see/remember/hear things differently when we are totally present in the moment and not trying to capture the it. And then memory colors and changes things, but that’s as it should be. Hope your girls know what a special treat they got…wow!

  4. The yarn is super pretty! I love it! I did a stitch pattern very similar (it may have been the same looking at it) for a shawl last summer and it was so much fun! It really was quite mindless but fun seeing my shawl get larger every pass. I can’t wait to see the color change in it when you are finished!

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