Daily Archives: January 28, 2009

And Amanda’s Another….

Another what?

Another hat!

I must have been feeling cold.  No wonder, with the arctic temps we had not long ago — and the less brutal but still quite cold January weather we’re having currently, below 0 F every night, highs in the teens.

Thus, just before Coronet, but after the Noro Striped Hat, I made another very nice hat, for warmth and for the joy of knitting it.  Next question: 

So who’s Amanda?

Why, the Amanda Hat (pdf link), of course!



This pattern and the marvelously soft and beautiful dark blue Malabrigo yarn to knit it, were sent by Gigi as an out of the blue (ha!  little joke there, she and I both like blue) ‘thank you’ for being an ‘angel’ for her, for last spring’s ISE 6 (International Scarf Exchange) swap.

I finally knit it up, and the entire Malabrigo experience was dreamy.  The hat is comfortable, cute, and stretchier than you’d think from the appearance of the stitch pattern:


Stitch patterns like this, where you pass one stitch over another, can lose lateral stretch, but with this stitch pattern, you make an extra yarnover to compensate, which you then drop on the next row.  It is not visible, but it makes a big difference in the feel and drape of the knitted fabric.

I love this hat!  Unfortunately, none of the winter coats I have are blue, nor are any of my knitted accessories.   (Plus, as above, I just made Coronet also, AND the Noro Striped Hat.)  I knit this mostly for fun; but what’s the good of a hat that is not worn?  I thought my daughter, who has a navy peacoat, should have it — but no, it’s apparently not her fashion idiom.

It’s special, though, coming from Gigi, who knows the pattern designer, and who sent along the wonderful yarn (the first time I’ve actually KNIT with Malabrigo, though I have it in my stash).  I didn’t want to give it to just anyone; I wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it.

So my mother just acquired a new hat — whether she wanted one or not!  Our heads are the same (generous) size (you know, to fit all the brains in), and it fits her wonderfully.  She tends to have sensitive skin, but this is so soft (single ply merino) and plus it doesn’t fit as tightly as a watchcap style, so I’m hopeful it will work for her.  At least for now, while I’m designing and knitting another hat for her, out of domestic cashmere which should by all rights not itch; but which may take a while given the nature of the design process and the fine yarn.  (More about that when there’s something to show you, down the road.)

Now the RockStar, teen daughter, wants to knit a hat too….

Watch for more on the hat front!