Daily Archives: January 26, 2009


I finished Coronet a couple days after the Inauguration:

and it was just too big.  Too tall.  (Not too wide,  I had sized the braided brim to my big ol’ head before finishing it.)  My fault, not the pattern’s.

So I partially frogged and re-completed it today.

I have still to block it (and weave in the last two ends) but had to take pictures while I and the sun and the camera were all in the same plane of existence.

Here it is with its coordinating Moebius scarf.


Notice they don’t ‘match’; though the yarn is exactly the same for the main body of the hat and the scarf (with a coordinating colorway for the braid of the hat and the I-cord trim of the scarf), the different number of stitches in each row, and different stitch patterns, give a very different visual ‘read’ to the colorway, which is “Minstrel” by Meg at Twisted Fiber Art.  (Yarn base Duchess [Slow Repeat], DK weight superwash merino.)

But I’m happy with it (now!)

Here I am, admiring an out-of-frame contrail so you can see the back of the hat, as well as the lack of blocking (soon to be remedied).


And freezing my buns, but you can’t see that either.

A semi-side view:


And a detail shot, so I can blow my own horn a little.

Though the weaving got a touch funky right on the edges where I had been slipping stitches and couldn’t quite weave the same way, I still am very proud of the grafting I did on the cable.


You can tell by the edges where I grafted, but it would be fairly hard to tell by the cable alone, I flatter myself.  (It did take me a little quiet time with a good light, I must admit.  No TV watching during that part!)

I did modify the pattern slightly, as the yarn I used is DK weight rather than worsted/aran, so I knit 21 cable repeats, which was more than the original pattern.  (I fitted it to my head before grafting.)  I also chose not to pick up stitches on the wrong side/bottom of the brim to make a double thickness, which is what the pattern calls for, as I thought it was bulky enough already (I added in an extra purl stitch or two on each side of the braid, to balance the hat better, but it really just closed the braid/edge stitches up closer together due to stockinette curl; so it was already fairly thick).  If I knit it in the weight called for, I would follow the pattern, I believe.

All in all, I’m happy with my commemorative hat!  Warm, elegant, hand-dyed; just my style.  And particularly special.