Cow Candy

OK, it’s not really the usual Friday Eye Candy: but I thought I’d share with you some archetypal Wisconsin cows that were out one recent (cold) Saturday afternoon.


They were a little dubious about my motives in stopping the car and coming up to their pasture.


But look at their digs!  Not just anyone gets to stay at the Bossie Mootel, ya know.

(Soundtrack to this post if you have it or care to click to listen:

Cows” by Sandra Boynton, as performed by the Seldom Herd, from one of my favorite CDs, “Philadelphia Chickens”.)

4 responses to “Cow Candy

  1. That song — and the barn — are hilarious!

  2. Marvelous cow candy. Excellent example of Wisconsin cow kitsch. 😀

  3. More cowbell More cowbell. I love a good cow post. Wisconisn is cow country, andI dont believe those California cows are the happiest. No way.

  4. That’s pretty funny… the mootel and the cows song!

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