Daily Archives: January 22, 2009

Coronet update

So, I did finish the braid brim of Coronet on Inauguration Day, grafting the ends together at bedtime.  The only picture I managed to take, though, was a mid-afternoon shot showing the (almost done) semi-solid color braid, and the yarn I’m using for the hat, a slowly striping coordinating yarn; both of which I used for my Moebius scarf, but they’ll look quite different in this permutation.


And tonight I finished the hat, all but weaving in the ends!  I have yet to try it on in the mirror, but by itself, it’s lovely.  Photos this weekend (tomorrow will be almost as long a day at work as today was).

Guess I’m paying (as far as work) for staying home Tuesday and watching this:


(there’s my living room windows reflected by the TV screen)

and this:


SO worth it.

Even if it confused the cat.


Why are YOU home when it’s light out?   Huh?  You usually feed us and leave!