An Excellent Day for a Day Off

At least for an Indoors Day Off.  (It is above zero F, granted.)

I cut back a little at work as of the first of the year; meaning I have two days off each month.  Though I’ve already seen the results in my paycheck (dang!), this is the first day off I’ve enjoyed.  It was chosen related to work needs, so it was pure happenstance that it will allow me to watch the United States Presidential Inauguration: the first I will have ever seen.

Cleaning (a good thing to do on a day of a new start) is also on the agenda.  And a trip to the post office.  Of course, daughter things when they get home from school (it’s a big dance day).

But here’s the important decision of the day:

What to knit during the Inauguration?  Yesterday, I was working on my third Preemie hat, as a nod to a service project for Martin Luther King Day.  But today, I want to knit something I will keep myself and think, “I knit that then.”  Commemorative knitting:  doesn’t everyone do that?  

And I’ve just come to a decision, so I’ll share it with you all.

Remember my Moebius scarf of not long ago?

 moebius-self-portrait  moebius-warms-my-ears  

Do you remember the backstory?  After the election, Cat Bordhi cast on a Moebius for Transition, for healing and coming together.  I had been planning a Moebius scarf with this yarn, and the idea appealed to me.  I have been wearing it in different configurations; it’s one of my favorites.

I have leftover yarn, both the semi-solid burgundy yarn I used for the I-cord edging and the slowly striping yarn of the scarf itself.  And I have been plotting to make a coordinating (though not matching) hat.  In fact, I cast on last week in an ongoing attack of startitis.

It struck me that the pattern of the hat I picked is symbolically rich for a worthy project for today:


(Yes, I realize this is not a coronation, even though the tone today sounds a little like that!  And though the popular sentiment WAS to crown George Washington king, back in the infancy of our country.)

Oh, I suppose there’s a nod to the anointing of  a leader, but being more knitting-oriented than that, I’m thinking about the braid uniting several disparate elements together: not melded into a homogenous whole, but creating something more — more beautiful and strong, out of the single elements.  And the gorgeous colors that will happen on the hat itself:  again, bringing together, harmonizing, but not pureeing the colors.  All in the form of a practical project that will keep me warm and see plenty of use.  But Beauty and Utility are not mutually exclusive, thank goodness.

I just have a couple cable crossings of the braid done: and lots of laundry and cleaning to get going.  But later today, I will be sitting down with my needles and Twisted yarn and watching our next president be sworn in.  Tomorrow, I’ll show you the progress (aka commemorative knitting).  I’m sure many of you will have stories to share as well.

4 responses to “An Excellent Day for a Day Off

  1. Coronet will be excellent!

    Two days off PER MONTH? Dang, woman, I thought accountants had it tough. We only have those kind of crunches a few times a year, not year-round.

    I plan to tell Maggie how I knitted her pink fingerless mitt during the inauguration.

  2. Great idea for commemorative knitting. I decided to commemorate the moment by not knitting during the inauguration festivities this morning, thereby rendering the moment memorable because it’s probably the first time in 4 years I’ve watched television without yarn in my hands.

  3. You only get two days off in a month??? How do you manage to stay sane? To knit so much? I am having trouble deciding what to knit tonight, at a potentially boring dinner/meeting… working on the sweater collar doesn’t seem like the knit for the night…

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