Subzero Eye Candy Friday


Last summer’s weeds don’t care what the temperature is.

(They’re dead, after all, I suppose.)

It was colder this morning than yesterday, with more wind; -24 F when I left for work, with a -45 wind chill.  But today it got up to 2!  25 degrees F in 8 hours!  The beginning of the end of the deep freeze — for now.


7 responses to “Subzero Eye Candy Friday

  1. It was -17F when I got in my car this AM, and it’s up to a balmy 1 above now! I’ll be glad for a respite from the arctic blast.

  2. I have been told that it was noticeably warmer at the end of the day today. I shall take their word for it; I’m stayin’ inside 🙂

  3. It was over 80 here in Pasadena. What can I say, you guys? I didn’t factor in the wind chill factor.

  4. I think it’s time to break out the shorts and the grill…

    Pretty pictures.

  5. Beautiful pictures…glad its starting to warm up a little…

  6. Remind me not to come visit you in winter. My NW nose and butt would probably fall right off just from the shock!

    We were all complaing about how “freezing” it was yesterday at the bus stop and it was 34. I’ll be thankful now instead.

  7. I don’t mind this cold weather, but then I don’t have to be outside in it all day either. Here’s one reason I am grateful we are having it… ticks. Last winter we had so much snow (and also not too much serious cold) that it insulated the ground, resulting in very large and thriving tick populations. Hate ticks. And something that will help curb their numbers? Gotta love it.

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