Cold Snap Haiku


It is frickin’ cold
22 below right now*
Will my Saturn start?

*this is, of course, Fahrenheit. For the enlightened, this is -30 Celsius.


This is what -22 F looks like….


Hmm, looks like 0.  Or 10.

Believe me — my nose and my car can tell the difference.  Le sigh.

14 responses to “Cold Snap Haiku

  1. I am remembering that I USED TO GO SKIING when it was 20 below! What was I thinking?

    Oh, I remember, I was thinking, This isn’t so bad — what is my mother screaming about?

  2. there is no way I am venturing outside today, way to cold!! Why does look like we have more snow than you? oh well, more snow on the way for Friday, at least we have a warm up next week.
    Back to the needles(DD wants knee lengths socks)

  3. It’s warmed up from -25 when I drove to school at 7:00 to -13 now. I’m thinking of shedding a layer!

  4. I am cold for you. I cannot begin to imagine living with such cold. Thank goodness for the handknit socks, right?

  5. So… did your Saturn start?! I haven’t tried my car… and now I should probably wait until Saturday. Oy.

  6. Follow-up Haiku

    Wool from head to toe,
    forth I went; the car *did* start…
    then got stuck in snow.

  7. Today, it’s about 75 F in Santa Cruz, which equally, but inversly obscene. January is not supposed to be about breaking a sweat even while wearing sandals and short sleeves.

  8. I don’t think it was *that* cold when I was living in Russia three years ago. I think it “just” got down to -20 or -25 C, which was cold enough!

  9. sorry to hear you ended stuck in the snow, I was hoping to stay in , but duty calls and off to work I go. Why do hubbys always make sure you have to put gas in the car?

  10. So what time was that? Yikes!

  11. I’m with you – Wausau, WI area in fact. That sunrise (or sunset) photo sure is deceiving, isn’t it? Let’s just try to remember those hot, humid summer nights, shall we? Stay warm!

  12. -15 F here at the moment — with 35″ of snow so far this winter (that’s our yearly average.)

    Keep warm!

  13. Yikes! I guess I won’t complain that its 9 F here…keep warm!

  14. Here’s what cracks me up. -22 = “Fair.”

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