A Taste of Saturday Skies and Baby Knits

Now that the recipient has recipified them,  I can show you a couple little tiny things.  Though I hope Cece can get a better picture of Thing 1: well, I know she will, because it will have a cute little baby boy in it!

This is Tiny Thing number 1, picture taken in the predawn darkness with flash right before being sent off,


and there is a small tale of woe with this (though in the end, I was happy with the result).

Before the tiny Hulk was born, his gender was not known.  I had it in my head to knit Cece’s baby something from Twisted Fiber Art‘s Ravelry colorway, because she and I met as a result of Ravelry, really (pre-BMFA Sock Camp meet-up and School Bus trip there!).  I did ask if she or her husband would have a problem with the pink and green of the colorway if it were a boy….

I hoped to give it to her at Rhinebeck, but my gauge calculations were off and the hat was turning out a 6 month size, which was not what I had in mind.  So I showed it to Cece, she said she loved the colorway and her husband had better well be fine with it, and I took it home to reknit.

Well, first I reknit it after frogging, and it was all weird and loosey-goosey from the frogging.  So I frogged again, washed and hung, and reknit.

And then it was turning out too small!

Plus, this was Arial, Meg’s finest fingering weight — a lot of stitches, so it took a bunch of knitting just to figure some of this out.

Then, six weeks after Rhinebeck, Cece had her baby —  a little early.  And it was a handsome, good-sized young man.  And not only was the hat turning out too small now, but the pink kept turning up at the edge.  I just couldn’t do it — force her to keep explaining that he was a boy despite the pink edge.  So I decided to knit the hat in Xavier colorway instead (same yarn base).  I finished a Sweet Norwegian Baby Cap in Xavier pretty quickly — but it seemed small to me, after modifying it to a newborn size, thinking about his birthweight. (The circumference seemed okay, but it seemed shallow.)

In a fit of pique, I decided to scrap the whole hat idea, go back to using the Ravelry colorway, and knit something else (to be shown shortly).  But at the last minute, I decided to try a hat one more time, but using cushy-soft, squishy “Duchess” yarn base, which is a DK weight superwash wool yarn, and using my “Grow-With-Me” baby hat pattern for insurance against big ol’ heads growing fast.  I used the Braider colorway.  And it worked!  The photography above kind of bites, but the hat isn’t bad!

But here’s what I did knit up from the Ravelry colorway, though in squooshy “Duchess” DK weight also:

Thing number 2,  a gender-neutral BUNNY!




(Big Ol’ Bunny Butt comin’ up!)


The tail is made of local angora/alpaca chain-stitched on.  The pattern is from Heartstrings, free/voluntary donation; it’s actually just a square, cleverly sewn together, with separately sewn ears.  I did use the modified ears separately mentioned with the pattern, which seem to stay up better, and I did my own tail version as above since this was for a baby, rather than pulling stuffing through for the tail (which is what the original pattern called for).

I like this little bunny.  I hope The Hulk does too.


Or at least, perhaps when he’s a little older!

Today was a gorgeous day here: high in the high 20s, but sunshine which melted some of the snow it shone on, particularly on the roads.  I worked this morning, but this afternoon, I drove the Gothlet out to a sleepover she was invited to:  a house I’d never been to, way out in one of the coulees tucked in between the bluffs.  And wow, am I glad I did, despite the fact that my little car couldn’t make it all the way up the driveway….it was so beautiful.

Here are a few Saturday Sky pictures from this afternoon (I’m saving a few for later, though!)




and one from my backyard too.


Happy Saturday!

8 responses to “A Taste of Saturday Skies and Baby Knits

  1. The hat is one of my favorite color combinations; so pretty. You were very persistent to get the right hat for the baby. Perfect color placement on the bunny — did that just happen?

  2. luvs me that bunny!!

  3. LOVE the bunny. I’ve been thinking about this pattern for some time so it was a treat to see how you worked it up. I made one years ago and it went to live with some niece or nephew. I’m thinking it’s time to make another one. The colors are great.

  4. That is one adorable little Rav-bunny!

  5. I am completely enthralled by the bunny and the big ol’ bunny butt. Lovely. Cute. Wunnerful. Was it unplanned that the nose turned out perfectly small and pink like that?

  6. Nice hat… LOVE LOVE LOVE the bunny! (and I know that tail poof yarn, yes?) I may make this… babies are coming up…(not mine!)

  7. In answer to a couple commenters, yes, I planned the little pink nose as carefully as I could, though it worked out even better than I thought! And I was pretty sure the pink stripe would end up on the body, like certain rabbit ‘colorways’.

    Now I’m thinking a Braider Bunny might be cute, too, but the Ravbunny has personality to spare — the original and best!

  8. Adorable!!! And he’s wearing pink mittens and a little top and trunks. . . .

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